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Re: package xsok

Hi again Carlos!

Carlos Parra Camargo <carlospc@gmail.com>:
> If you want to have a look:
>   http://carlospc.homelinux.org/debian/xsok/
 - Update or remove "Current Debian maintainer:" field
 - Download source isn't reachable, try an other one, like:
   (or a shorter one ;-)
   You could ask ibiblio.org for updateing its

 - Contained XPMs stand under BSD-like license, not GPL, see ./etc/COPYRIGHT.xpm
   I think copyright file should reflect this, although relicensing (under GPL) 
   is also ok.

 - As the new maintainer you should change "Maintainer:" field
 - For a "Build-Depends" on debhelper >= 4.xx you should set compat level to 4:
   * remove line "export DH_COMPAT=3" from debian/rules 
   * and do in debian/:
     $ echo 4 >compat

 - In addition to my former mail you should mention that you updated
   "Standards-Version:" field to 3.6.1.
 - mention all changes above

During a buid run comes up:
dh_installmanpages: This program is deprecated, switch to dh_installman.

It seems like a dead project, are you fit enough with the source code to deal
with any future bug, especially not package specific ones?

Kindly regards,

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