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Re: package xsok

Hi Carlos!

Carlos Parra Camargo <carlospc@gmail.com>:
> If you want to have a look:
>   http://carlospc.homelinux.org/debian/xsok/
I will look over it.

>   I've signed de .deb package... but i'm not a debian developer (not
> yet :p). 
What's the way, but you don't need to provide any .deb package, because your
sponsor, that you should serach here with a RFS (Reqest for Sponsoring), will
build a new package, sign with his key and upload it for you into Debian archive.

> I wasn't sure what i should have to write at changelog... 
Really? Did you read New Maintainer Guide and other documentation for package 
- you should close your IFA bug report (You retitled the orphan bug report,
  didn't you?)
- you should introduce you as zhe new maintainer
- you should list closed bugs if you have fix any.

> The  
> last version is 1.02-12, if this is a NMU it should be 1.02-12.1 or it
> should be a new revision so the number would be 1.02-13?
I understand, you want to be the new maintainer for it, right?
Then it is a new package version,  1.02-13.

Sponsored NMUs are discouraged, so mostly DDs do NMUs.

Kindly regards,


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