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Re: About creating .deb packages

On Wed, Dec 29, 2004 at 10:58:09PM -0800, TIFR students wrote:
> We would like to know which files are absolutely necessary for creating
> .deb package (assuming u have all the source files needed).

Depends on how you want to create the .deb.  Bare minimum is ar, tar, gzip,
and cp, more or less.

> We know about control file,changelog,rules,conffile, n scripts like
> postrm,prerm,preinst,postinst.

None of those files (as provided in your average Debian source package) are
absolutely required to create a .deb format package, although you'll have a
hard time getting it into Debian without several of them.

> We have an idea of contents of a control file.But what is to be contained
> in the scripts ? Are rules,changelog and conffile necessary??

Have a deep read through the manpages deb(5), deb-control(5), and
dpkg-deb(1) and see if some of your questions might be answered there.  Then
read a previous discussion we had here on -mentors a month or so ago about
this same topic.  Then come back here with a really solid specification of
what it is that you're actually trying to do, and we'll help as best we can.

- Matt

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