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Re: How to : convinience package (or virtual package)

On Wed, Dec 29, 2004 at 10:25:26PM -0800, tifr stud wrote:
> We need to know the following.
> How to create a virtual or convinience package for debian web site listing.
> For example a package called 'kdeedu' contains all the educational packages like khangman,kalzium etc.
> What they have done is kdeedu has dependencies on all the packages that constitute kdeedu itself.
> Is that how u create a virtual package??

No, a virtual package is something different (and unrelated to the problem
at hand).

What might be of use to you is a package called 'equivs'.  It's designed to
help make packages that don't contain anything, but instead just have
information (like a big pile of dependencies) in them to help pull in a
bunch of other packages.

- Matt

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