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New package: Avida - Artificial Life Simulation Program


I've just finished a new package: Avida.

It is an artificial life simulation program based on
Tierra. It is a joint project of the Digital Life
Laboratory  (headed by Chris Adami) at the California
Institute of Technology and Richard Lenski's 
Microbial Evolution laboratory at Michigan State
university and is released under a GPL license.

The upstream web page is:

Here goes the description of the program:

 Avida is an auto-adaptive genetic system designed
 primarily for use as a platform in Digital or
 Artificial Life research. In lay terms, Avida is a
 digital world in which simple computer programs
 mutate and evolve.

 Avida allows us to study questions and perform
 experiments in evolutionalry dynamics and
 theoretical biology that are intractable in real
 biological system. 

I've created man pages and added an icon for the menu.
Linda and Lintian do not complain.

You can temporarily download the package at:

There are three packages: avida-base is the common
part, and there are two different viewers:
avida-viewer is a text-screen viewer that uses
ncurses, and avida-qt-viewer is a graphic viewer that
uses Qt Widgets.

If someone is interested in taking a look at them and
giving their opinion, or is interested in the packages
themselves, comments are welcome.


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