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RFS: pasmo, cbios, openmsx, openmsx-catapult


I packaged pasmo, cbios, openmsx and openmsx-catapult, and am looking for a 
sponsor or sponsors. Packages are available via

deb http://lumatec.be/joost/debian/ ./
deb-src http://lumatec.be/joost/debian/ ./

The packages are lintian clean. I also work closely with upstream as I am an  
ex-developer of openMSX. pasmo is needed to build cbios, and cbios provides a 
free bios for the openMSX MSX emulator. openmsx-catapult is a graphical 
frontend for openMSX. As the packages are very closely related I also provide 
below extra information concerning their relation.

ITP bug related to packaging: 

Detailed description of the software:

Package: pasmo
Description: An easy to use Z80 cross-assembler
 Pasmo can generate object code in several formats suitable for many
 Z80 machines and emulators. Pasmo generates fixed position code, can
 not be used to create relocatable object files for use with linkers.
 Pasmo is compatible with the syntax used in several old assemblers,
 by supporting several styles of numeric and string literals and by
 providing several names of the most used directives.
License: GPL
Build-Depends: pasmo
Upstream: http://www.arrakis.es/~ninsesabe/pasmo/

Package: cbios
Description: open source MSX BIOS roms
 C-BIOS is an open source BIOS for MSX computers.
 C-BIOS can be shipped with MSX emulators so they are usable out-of-the-box.
 It comes readily configured for the openMSX emulator.
License: BSD
Upstream: http://cbios.sf.net/

Package: openmsx
Description: the MSX emulator that aims for perfection
 openMSX is an open source MSX emulator that uses a unique emulation model:
 it tries to achieve the highest level of accuracy possible.
 It comes with all bells and whistles, like debugging, scriptable in TCL,
 scalers, ...
License: GPL
Depends: cbios
Upstream: http://openmsx.sf.net/

Package: openmsx-catapult
Description: GUI for openMSX
 openMSX catapult is a graphical frontend for the openMSX emulator
License: GPL
Depends: openmsx
Upstream: http://openmsx.sf.net/

Many thanks,

Joost Damad

The planet Andete is infamous for it's killer edible poets.

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