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sorting through xlibs-dev dependencies?


I hope this isn't a too dumb question!

I'm the maintainer for xwrits, and partway through the NM process. My application manager (Frank Lichtenheld) has sent me a review of my packages, and I am confused about one of the things he suggested I do.

xwrits currently depends on xlibs-dev. Frank suggests that I replace that with only the needed dependencies.

What I am confused about is how to tell what it really needs and what it doesn't really need. I don't know that much about X, in general. xlibs-dev seems to be a package that does nothing but depend on a collection of many different X libraries. But I don't know what all those libraries do (and no, I don't want to read the code for all of them!).

So, the only thing I thought to do is
 a) look at every header file that is #included in the xwrits code
 b) use dlocate or similar to see which packages all those headers are in.
 c) make xwrits build-depend on those packages.

But this will take me quite a long time. I wondered if I am missing something obvious and there is a better way to do it. Or am I on the right track after all.

Now, obviously, I don't want someone to actually tell me which things I should be build-depending on. I want to know how to work out such things for myself in the future :) (It would also defy the point of my AM asking me this.) But I would appreciate a hint...



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