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Re: Pointers for packaging appreciated (icecream)

On Sat, Dec 18, 2004 at 12:18:39AM +0100, Magnus Therning wrote:

>  Package: icecc

>  Description: Distributed compiler, client and server (icecream)

>   to the fastest free server and is as this dynamic. This advantage pays off
                                      as such

>  1. The original package doesn't have any manpages. Rather than writing
>     my own right now I'd like to (temporarily) use the 'undocumented'
>     man page. How do I do that?
Apparently you don't; quoting from dh_undocumented(1):

		Do not run!

		This program used to make symlinks to the
		undocumented.7 man page for man pages not present in a
		package. Debian policy now frowns on use of the
		undocumented.7 man page, and so this program does
		nothing, and should not be used.

If you *really* want to you could make a symlink from man/man1/icecc.1
to dh_undocumented.1.gz.  Instead, I would encourage you to add it to
./debian/TODO and let lintian continue to warn you.  And nag upstream.

>  2. How do I handle the cache directory it uses? Currently I only
>     create it at install, but don't remove it afterwards. I don't want
>     to remove it in case of an upgrade, only with an actual remove.
I'm not sure I understand entirely; but if you just include the
directory (/var/cache/icecc/?) in the package as a normal directory
(possibly via ./debian/dirs), then it will do what you want.  If its
name is determined at install-time by the admin, then you can just use
the postrm script to query debconf and rmdir it.

>  3. The monitor is a KDE app. I don't use KDE myself (and I have no real
>     interest in digging any deeper into it). Instead of heavily
>     modifying makefiles to exclude it at build time I opted to put it in
>     a separate package. I'd really like some feedback on that package
>     (I don't even know if it works).
A separate package is probably good, especially so that the
Distributed Compiler doesn't depend on 675==$(aptidue search kde |wc -l)
kde things.

>  4. I renamed the package from icecream to icecc since the package
>     icecream already exists in Debian. I've written something about it
>     in the README.Debian, is this a good way of handling it?
Sounds good to me.

>  5. I would love if someone who has access to some serious machines
>     would install and try it out. I only have tried on three single-CPU
>     machines so far, it'd be nice to get confirmation that it works
>     properly also for larger setups.
If I am offered the job I want, I'll have access to a 24 node cluster
and I will do just that.


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