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Re: CERN root

On Friday 17 December 2004 07.30, Ricardo Yanez wrote:
> Hi,
>  I have packaged CERN's root (an object oriented data analysis
> framework) for our internal distribution. ROOT is widely used in nuclear
> and particle physics labs, groups, etc. Since root is becoming the
> standard, substituting PAW which is distributed by Debian, I thought to
> seek a sponsor for this software, learn more about packaging, and help
> my fellow physicist around the world.

Good.  Your next steps should probably be
 - read the relevant documentation if you haven't already (newmaint guide, 
mentors FAQ, developer's reference, Debian policy, ...)
 - if there's an RFP already open, retitle it to ITP.  If there's already an 
ITP (not by you), get in contact with that person and try to work together, 
there's certainly no sense in duplicating work.
 - make your package available somewhere (mentors.debian.net or your own web 
space, doesn't matter really.)

Then come back here, and some people will probably have a look at your 
package and help you to bring it into releasable shape.

-- vbi

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