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ud - rewrite?

  `ud` is a package I've looked after for a while now, after adopting
 it in the past because I used it personally.

  It is an `uptime monitor` which will write out a status page
 keeping track of your three highest uptimes.

  Recently it was raised upon the debian-amd64 list as being the
 kind of script which is better suited to being python/perl/ruby
 instead of the compiled C.  (Because the C turns out to be a little
 buggy - and hard to modify.)

  The majority of the open bugs against the package could be 
 easily fixed if it were to be recoded is some kind of shell script.

  The only thing that's stopping this from happening is that it
 must run regularly to deal with cases of non-clean shutdowns.

  As I see it there are two choices:

	1.  Run as a daemon in the background, waking up regularly.
	2.  Run via a cron job.

  (Running a cron job every five minutes seems a little gross ..)

  Anyway, many developers seem to believe that Perl is too heavy-weight,
 and should be removed from the base system.

  Whilst I'm happy to recode the core application I wonder if it's a
 sensible approach to take?  Upstream is dead.  I can put it together
 and make a sensible upgrade path without too many problems.

  But the added overhead of running perl/python/ruby concerns me.

  Any feedback either way would be appreciated.


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