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Re: creating relocatable packages with dpkg

--- No Spam <nospam420@yahoo.com> wrote:

> I guess my main point is that if I know that in my situation, that
> relocating
> my software is not going to be problematic, it would be nice if the
> packaging
> system allowed me to allow users to relocate the software without jumping
> through a bunch of hoops

> For what its worth, neither rpm (redhat) nor
> pkgadd (solaris) have this limitation.

also, the typical (standard?) method of installing lots of GNU software,
outside of any packaging system (configure; make; make test; make install)
also allows for this with 'configure --prefix'.  it just doesn't seem like
that much of a stretch to ask for as a feature.  but i'm willing to accept
that debian doesn't have it, and i will have to live with either not allowing
relocation, or not providing my software as .deb packages.

- rich

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