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Re: creating relocatable packages with dpkg

On Fri, Dec 10, 2004 at 03:49:59PM -0800, No Spam wrote:
> I am attempting to package software via OS-dependent packaging systems
> and have it function cross platform across redhat, debian, and solaris.

> My understanding is that the problem is that it's trying to chroot to
> /opt/foo1, but there is no root filesystem there (for example, no
> /bin/sh at /opt/foo1/bin/sh), so there's no way for it to do anything
> other than simple copying of files.  Is this really what's going on? 
> Is there no simple way to allow the user to relocate a small subset of
> packages without relocating the whole base / install?
I'm not sure that that's what's happening, but it makes sense.  You
can easily install a filesystem with "debootstrap - Bootstrap a basic
Debian system".

> That is, they are both now on the filesystem (because I put 1.0 in
> /opt/foo1 and 2.0 in /opt/foo2), but dpkg only thinks that one copy is
> installed.  Is the gist here that I need to have a complete private
> copy of the packaging database (using --root, which also sets
> --admindir, rather than just using --instdir) for each instance?  If
> so, is there a systematic way that one is supposed to set that up? 
Its probably using a common /var/lib/dpkg/ area.  (The "admin
directory, I guess).


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