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Re: RFS: backup-manager -- Powerful and easy-to-use backup tool.

* Philipp Meier (meier@fnogol.de) disait :
> I'm no DD so I cannot sponsor the package. But I looked at it and it
> contains some bashism. I does not run with dash as /bin/sh because of
> the use of "$UID" and some trap issues.

Yes it does contain bashism. Moreover the uploader is written in Perl.
Please tell me if this is a problem for an inclusion in Debian.

I didn't know that writing a program in Bash was a policy violation...

Anyway, if a DD tell me that he will sponsor it if I remove bashism, I
might work on that topic, even though I don't see where the problem is
with writting bash software, for people who can run bash.

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