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Re: "Cannot represent change" error upon PNG file addition

Frank Küster wrote:
"Carlo U. Segre" <segre@iit.edu> schrieb:

You can add the icon in XPM format.  This is plain text.  If you want
to use the PNGs, you will need to send them to upstream and ask them
to include the icons in the source.  I haven't found any other way to
avoid the problem you cite.

You can include it in the diff.gz after uuencode'ing, and uudecode it in

Then Build-Dep against sharutils?

This is a crock. The solutions presented is right, but it's lousy by design. The real problem is that diff, although good for representing changes from upstream source versus Debian source, can't--and apparently doesn't--represent the changes from upstream package to Debian package.

Is there any plan amongst dpkg type folk to visit and solve this problem? Or even a bug number?

Surely I can't be the first to complain about this.

Nick Lewycky

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