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Re: handling cronjob not defined at install

On Sun, Dec 05, 2004 at 11:26:42AM -0500, Jereme Corrado wrote:
> Hello List,
>       flawed.  So I chopped on the FOM source once more and had the
>       installer write out a conf file in the director where FOM stores
>       other such business, (/var/lib/fom/meta).  Then I just set up
I think what you should maybe do is put your conffile in

Then, the cronjob (installed unconditionally) will have to check if [[
RUN_CRON != 0 ]].  Alternately, instead of using conffiles, you can
approach it using debconf.  The admin will be prompted "Run Cronjob"?
And if they answer "no", you get rid of the cronjob entry, and if they
answer "yes", you make sure it exists.


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