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Re: RFS: source NMU for jmon (approved by maintainer)

Re: Steve Langasek in <[🔎] 20041204104623.GN30152@mauritius.dodds.net>
> Regardless of the maintainer's comments, DDs should not sponsor NMUs; it is
> the responsibility of the uploading developer to personally verify the
> correctness of the changes in an NMU, and it is incorrect to upload changes
> in an NMU that have not first been forwarded to the BTS, therefore it's
> simpler if you upload any patches to the BTS and ask someone to do an NMU
> for the bug, rather than asking someone to upload based on packages that
> you've prepared separately.

I'd expect any sponsored upload to be checked by the sponsoring DD, be
it uploads for packages I (as a non-DD) maintain, for NMUs, or for QA
uploads. Preparing a (source) package and asking for a sponsor is
merely to ease the uploading DD's task, who will rebuild the binary
package anyway in most cases. (And if it's a proper NMU, there will be
a patch in the BTS anyway.)

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