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Re: policy concerning files used by postinst but not to be installed

Frank Küster wrote:
You seem to misunderstand me. If you copy the files to
debian/tmp/usr/share/..., they will also be included in the deb, and
installed on the system  - except that you might need to substitute "tmp"
for whatever name you use. How else could you use them in postinst?

hu? Ok, I misunderstood. I know I must have those files in the deb, it's just that I do not want them installed on the user file system after the postinst is over. Like installing them on /tmp, or in another directory that postinst would delete after the installation. I was looking for something more clean than that. As you spoke about the debian directory I thought that it would be a mean to have the files with the deb without having them installed (like other files on the debian directory, none of them beeing copied definitively on the user file system).

Thanks, anyway.

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