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Re: policy concerning files used by postinst but not to be installed

On Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 03:29:18PM +0100, rixed wrote:
> Hello, list-men.
> Im packaging a program that uses a series of sql patches to upgrade from 
> any version to the latest. Those files are located in a 'patches' 
> directory in the source tree, but are not installed anywhere by make 
> install because they are just useful at install, not after.
> I would like to use them in the postinst script to upgrade the database 
> automatically. So, I have to carry those files in the .deb.
> First idea was to move patches directory to the debian directory, but 
> its not fair to people who will not use the debian package but the mere 
> tarball.
I take it you are upstream?

> Third idea was to ask here for a good solution :-/
I would use debhelper (or /bin/cp) to install the patches/ directory
to /usr/share/$pkg/.  Maybe gzip them too.  Then have your postinst
(or whatever) script reference them there.


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