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Re: Strange problem, symlinks and parent dirs

Il giorno gio, 02-12-2004 alle 11:15 +0100, Christoph Berg ha scritto:
> Sure. ".." is resolved by the kernel which doesn't care about the "name"
> of your pwd. It just moves the file to the physical .. directory, i.e.
> doesn't go the symlinks back.

This is exactly what I was thinking of about this problem, but if run
"cd .." the symlink works as a normal directory, it is transparent. 
So my question is: is there any possibility to fix that? Is it a 
kernel problem, a pwd issue, a shell issue or what?

> tcsh(1) has a "symlinks" option which tries to fix this, but that
> doesn't work in all cases.

I'll have a look at it, thanks.

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