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RFS: Browser based MySQL client


I'm looking for a sponsor for a new package, webQuery.
I'd appreciate any and all feedback.

 webQuery is a collection of python cgi scripts that can access
 MySQL databases. These scripts will allow viewing, searching 
 and editing of tables. If tables are configured IAW certain
 rules table relationships are supported in such a way that 
 linking of tables is automated and a table hierarchy is emulated.
 Features include: Combining fields for reports, exporting reports,
 report sorting, fulltext searching, creating and editing records, 
 multiuser tracking, multi language configurable, simplified privileges,
 saved queries, query picklists, navagation bar.
 It's been tested and found to work on Mac OSX and Linux, but should
work on any system configured to execute cgi's (cookie support is

Packages can be found at:

or at: http://www.webquery.org/debian/

You can give it a test drive at: http://www.webquery.org/
('guest' user does not require a password. It's a slow server.)


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