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Re: compile from source: to what extent?

On Wed, Dec 01, 2004 at 05:04:18PM -0500, Justin Pryzby wrote:
> I'm unofficially maintaining a nonfree package, IRAF.  It install
> /usr/include/iraf.h, which it uses for compilation (it includes a
> compiler: "xc") as well as to resolve the path to its files
> ("#define HOST /usr/lib/...").
Are you saying that as part of the compiliation the Makefile (or
whatever) installs the fir iraf.h into /usr/include?

> Should I use -I to force it to look at my (pristine) iraf.h?

> Also, the upstream tarball includes binaries which most people use for
> compiling (if they compile, instead of downloading the other
Upstream should be hurt, a lot.   It's shipping binary files?

> Should I be using PATH=`pwd`/tmp/:$PATH?  If I don't, then it will use
> /usr/bin/xc.
The path should be specific, xc means the system one ./xc or
./src/xc means the one for this package.

> /usr/bin/cc or with a broken cc with missing files or whatever).  But,
> it is suppose to be possible to compile a package as any normal user.
Yes. You must be able to build the package as a normal user.

> To what extent should I hack the compilation system to enforce that
> goal?  Say, if /usr/bin/xc was a completely different program.  Then a
> normal user would have problems. 
If the package generates xc then it should use its own xc. At the very
least the upstream should specify which one to use and not leave it to
some arbitary path setting.

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