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How to depend on a given version but not a revision ?

Hi list !

This is probably a stupid question to ask, but I have 2 homemade debs, one is depending on the other (=1.0.7), but the other now have the revision number "2" instead of "1" (version is 1.0.7), and now apt complains :

homemade2: Depends: homemade1 (= 1.0.7) but 1.0.7-2 is to be

But I do not want to put Depends homemade2 (>= 1.0.7) because there is a 1.0.8 wich is not functionnal. I just thought = 1.0.7 would mean : version 1.0.7, the later revision the better, but I just read debian-policy (chapter 5.6.11) where things looks less simple.

So the question is : How do you say that version must match a given one, and revision number must be taken as high as posible ?

Thank you!

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