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RFS: hatari


I have packaged hatari for Debian and am looking for a sponsor for it.

The package as well as the sources can be obtained with apt with the
following lines:

    deb http://mherrn.de/debian/ unstable hatari
    deb-src http://mherrn.de/debian/ unstable hatari

hatari is an Atari ST emulator that uses the SDL library. It is able to run
programs/games/demos written for the Atari ST. It can also read disk
images in .st and .msa format.

To actually run it, one has to have a version of TOS, the operating
system of Atari ST. A version of EmuTOS (a free implementation of TOS) is
shipped with the package, so it is ready to use.

The version in the debian package is 0.50, the most current version
from upstream. A manpage written by myself and a patch from Steve Kemp
to avoid buffer overflows are already included upstream.

So please test the package (lintian didn't report any warnings or
errors) and tell me if someone is willing to sponsor me.


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