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Re: Simple Debian Package Creation?


Joey Hess wrote:
> Rene Engelhard wrote:
> > > any debian rules.
> > 
> > the foo-0.1 is a convention. if your stuff doesn't follow it it is broken.
> No, there is no convention and it doesn't matter at all what you name
> the package's source directory. This has been completly unnecessary for
> years.

Not for dh_make. dh_make relies on that for filling out the template..
And the convention I meant was for normal source tar.gzs...

> > And: You *could* use a random directory name later after dh_install 
> > (dh_install needs to get the info it puts into the template from somehwre). 
> You seem to be confused about what dh_install is.

Yes, typo. I of course meant dh_make.


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