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Re: Packaged PPower4

Rogério Brito wrote:

> > Only from a quick look, why orig.tar.gz contains only
> > pp2p.jar?  I suspect style files (and documentation or
> > samples ?) could be also included.
> I received a feedback from Frank Küster on debian-mentors and I made some
> improvements to the package already.
> The problem was that upstream didn't include a tarball. All he distributes
> is the jar file, a wrapper shell script for calling the jar file (which I
> adapted to meet things that I would think that would be reasonable in
> Debian) and a bunch of style files. I also had to grab the manual
> separately.

Whoah.  So there's no source code?  Presumably your package is going
in non-free then?  The jar file distributed by upstream contains GPL
code (GNU getopt) without source, so it probably isn't distributable
even in non-free.

However, according to the ppower4 web site:

     The post processing software is written in Java and it is free
     (refer to the GNU general public license).

You might want to ask the author for the source since it's apparently GPLed.


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