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Re: RFS: wmnetmon - new maintainer

Andreas Metzler wrote:

The package is built as native package. (just tar.gz instead of
orig.tar.gz + diff.gz) - Make sure the original sources are in the
parent of the build-dir with the correct filename
(name_version.orig.tar.gz) before you start the build.

Additionally you need to build the package with dpkg-buildpackage -v0.2p5-12
to get the changelogs for 0.2p5-13 and 0.2p5-14 into changes file and
get the bugs closed. (Your sponsor will rebuilt the package, make him
aware of this issue.)

Looks like you have fixed debian/templates (s/packages/packets/) (No
note in debian/changelog?) making the new Japanese translation out of
date. - How about sending a mail to him and asking him to fix it? -
He'll probably just need to remove the fuzzy-marker.
                  cu andreas

I implemented all changes you suggested and even decreased version number ;)
New files are uploaded in ftp. Please check everyone who needs it.


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