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RFS: hotway-cvs: send and receive mail via Hotmail, Lycos, Spray, and MSN

I've already filed an ITP: and I'm looking for a sponsor for my package.

Package name: hotway-cvs
Version: 08122004
Upstream author: David Smith <courierdave@users.sourceforge.net>
URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/hotwayd/

hotwayd/hotsmtpd are POP3/SMTP-HTTPMail gateway daemons. The HTTPMail protocol is used by the mail servers Hotmail, Lycos, Spray and MSN. The hotway suite you can receive and send mail via these services using any POP3/SMTP compliant mail reader. Note: some email readers don't send proper SMTP authentication info ( example: kMail 1.6.1 and Evolution 1.4x ), which prevents users from sending mail.

This package is well-tested ( i've been using my own private packages for months with no problems ). It is based on a snapshot of CVS taken today with a patch for fixing message download problems.


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