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RFS: spong - system and network monitoring system


I have the intention to adopt the spong package and have filled an ITA.
(bug #235526 )

spong is a system and network monitoring tool.

It can monitor several hosts and groups with centralized data

You can then get data through a command line tool or via a CGI Web
It can also provide RRD charts.

I have prepared a new upload of spong and I am searching for a sponsor
check it and upload it once it's ready.

You can find all needed files at

Here is the changelog for this upload:

spong (2.7.7-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * New maintainer
  * Cleaned up the rules script and use debhelper when possible
  * Added manpages for all binaries (using pod2man for most of them)
  * Fixed packaging glitches, makes lintian happier
  * Fixed RRD domain directory permissions (Closes:#229965)
  * Added User-Agent HTTP header (Closes:#245972)
  * Made RRD link domain-specific (Closes:#229966)
  * Remove useless GIF files (Closes:#229998)
  * Added README.Debian for spong-www about rrdtool (Closes:#229934)

There are some outstanding bugs which are not fixed by this upload:

229994 ( No RRD config file ) : requires code work
        I'll talk to upstream and will try to do it myself if he doesn't
154263 ( permissions on /var/lib/spong/rrd ) : already fixed
180079 ( http port paramaeter ) : already fixed
229929 ( klogd ) maybe ask for more info from submitter. As I understand
it,       I don't consider this as a bug

I have a question about the debconf templates.

The source spong package generates four binary packages

At the moment, the spong-common's templates files provides templates for
all four packages, and thus, lintian complains (warning) that the 3
others don't have any templates.

What is the best solution ?

- split the templates in 4 package.templates files and add the missing
  ones to POTFILES.in
- provide "dummy" empty template files for the three other pacckages
- ignore this warning

Thanks for your help,

Clément Stenac

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