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getting packages to rebuild

This is a variant of a commonly asked question, but I'm still not able
to find a clearly stated answer.

three of my packages:


have all not entered testing because of being out of date on some
architectures.  In the case of xerces25, only arm is shown as out of
date.  In the case of xerces23 and xerces24, multiple architectures
out of date.  I have two questions:

 * On all three packages, the arm build failed because of an
   unsatisfiable build dependency that was the result of a timing
   problem.  These should succeed now as the problem with the
   dependent package has been cleared.  I emailed
   arm@buildd.debian.org to request these to be rebuilt.  Is there
   anything else I have to do?  Should I see out a DD to manually
   build these on arm and upload them before the freeze?

 * In xerces23 and xerces24, other architectures out of date, but
   their buildd logs show success.  Why would they be out of date if
   they were built successfully?  What can I do to resolve this?

Thanks for any clarification.

Jay Berkenbilt <ejb@ql.org>

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