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Re: RFS: fpdf-1.52

On Wed, 21 Jul 2004, MiguelGea wrote:

> Dear Mentors,
> I am looking for a sponsor form the package fpdf-1.52
> * Package name  : fpdf-1.52
> * Version	: 1.52
> * License	: Freeware, It allows modify it and use without
> restriction and without cost.

"Freeware" is not a license. I doubt such thing is acceptable as a
free software license.

The license must explicitly permit distribution of software built from
modified source code (DFSG #4).

The current license allows "use and modify" but does not explicitly
allow redistribution of a modified version.

Please talk to the author and suggest a proper license. While we are
at it, I would avoid the use of the word "freeware". It usually means
"free" in the free beer sense, not in the free speech sense.

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