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Re: Feedback wanted: audacity 1.2.1-3

Thorsten Gunkel wrote:

> I can't build this version (and the version in testing) on my woody
> machine. It seems that the problems start with:
> obj/AColor.o(.text+0x386): In function `AColor::Init()':
> /usr/include/wx/settings.h:199: undefined reference to
> `wxSystemSettingsNative::GetColour(wxSystemColour)'
> [...] I guess the problem is libwxgtk2.4? I have installed:
> ii  libwxgtk2.4
> ii  libwxgtk2.4-dev

Yes, this does seem to be a problem with those wxwindows2.4 packages.
I'm not sure what caused it.  It may have something to do with the
version of libgtk-1.2 in woody.  I'll look into this, and let you know
if I find anything.

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