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Re: dh_installman

On 2004-07-08 Kai Hendry <hendry@cs.helsinki.fi> wrote:
> So I need to nice way to feed:
> dh_installman doc/fr/man/zoneserver.fr.8 
> Although the actual file is:
> doc/fr/man/zoneserver.8

The file is doc/fr/man/zoneserver.8 in the tarball and you want it to
be installed into the correct location, i.e.

> I guess I mv it with the rules file, but that doesn't sound so nice to
> me. Or?

> Perhaps I am missing an undocumented feature?

You can use dh_install, list this in debian/maradns.install:
doc/fr/man/*.8 usr/share/man/fr/man8
doc/fr/man/*.1 usr/share/man/fr/man1
doc/fr/man/*.5 usr/share/man/fr/man5
                cu andreas
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