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Re: sponsor wanted for 'ketchup' package

Laszlo 'GCS' Boszormenyi wrote:

	Umm , I missed the beginnihg of this thread. What does
ketchup do?

 Fetch the latest kernel version based on the user's choice (stable,
-pre, -mm), compiles and install it as far as I remember correctly.

Actually, it only fetches the required patches, verifies signatures, and applies them. Compilation and installation are left to the user. Importantly, it only fetches the 30 or megabyte archive when necessary, saving a lot of bandwidth: good for kernel.org as well as dial-up users.

There was a suggestion that this script could be packaged in an existing package. I had a look but there was no obvious place. Debian is geared completely towards debian packaged source, patches and kernel binaries, and this doesn't fit with that. Any suggestions, please?

Jack Wasey

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