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Re: RFS: akregator - RSS feed aggregator for KDE

On Thursday, July 01, 2004 8:50 AM, Peter Rockai (mornfall)
<mornfall@danill.sk> wrote:

> On Thursday 01 July 2004 08:55, Jeremy Lainé wrote:
>> - the package versions look dodgy, as there are 2 dashes
>> (1.0-beta4-1). Furthermore you are going to run into problems when
>> the final 1.0 version comes out:
> Two dashes are perfectly valid according to Policy.

Indeed; however, as Jeremy pointed out `1.0-beta4' is greater than `1.0'

>> sharky@sharky:~$ dpkg --compare-versions 1.0-beta4-1 lt 1.0-1 && echo
>> true
>> sharky@sharky:~$
> The final version will be labelled 1.0.0-1 of course.

Erm, no, please don't. 1.0.0 is an NMU version number.

>> You might consider labeling the beta versions something like
>> "0.99+1.0beta4-1".
>> sharky@sharky:~$ dpkg --compare-versions 0.99+1.0beta4-1 lt 1.0-1 &&
>> echo true
>> true

This, otoh, is a commonly used and well-known method of numbering versions
so that the final release version is greater than the betas.


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