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Re: Sponsor for GEthWake (Graphical PC-Switcher using Wake-ON-LAN) wanted

On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 11:34, Pavel Kustov wrote:
> Hello, debian-mentors!
> I am looking for a sponsor for gethwake I'm currently developing and 
> packaging.
> Description:
> 	GEthWake is a graphical (GTK+ 2) tool used to send "Magic 		 
> Wake-On-LAN" over the local network to switch on the computers.
> Current project page:
> [http://linux.iatp.by/projects/gethwake/]
> The package is apt-getable from my repository:
> deb http://linux.iatp.by/debian ./
> I hope that somebody accepts my offer to place my package in the Debian 
> repository.
> Thanks everyone.
> -- 
> Pavel Kustov		mailto:pk@iatp.by

And where I can find the .diff.gz file?
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