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RFS: netdump -- Dump kernel crash information over the network


I've just uploaded netdump package to mentors.debian.net and now am
seeking for a sponsor for this package.

The netdump client sets up the kernel to send crash dumps and/or
console messages as syslog packets to a remote system.

The netdump server listens to the network for crashed kernels to
contact it and then writes the oops log and a memory dump to
/var/crash before asking the crashed machine to reboot.

Netdump relies on CONFIG_NETCONSOLE=m set in the kernel configuration,
which is not present in 2.4 series Debian kernels, but is present in
2.6 series Debian kernels. So the package will not work with 2.4
Debian kernels.

Netdump was developed at RedHat, and so, the source code is available
only in form of an .srpm. How does one go about the debian/watch file,
in such cases?

More information about netdump can be got from:


Chirag Kantharia, chirag.kantharia@hp.com

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