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Adoption for python-gd, looking for sponsors

Hi, I'm interested in adoptiong python-gd but I'm not (yet) a DD.
I'm started my application process few weeks ago and my first official
package (phpldapadmin) is already in unstable.

I'm looking for someone interested in sponsoring me to adopt python-gd.

I've packaged python-gd adding supports also for older version of Python
(closing bug #223580) because actually the package supports only
python2.3. Now it builds three binary packages (python2.1-gd,
python2.2-gd and python2.3-gd and a dummy package python-gd).

My work is available on http://www.kobold.it/python-gd/

Thanks in advance,

Fabio Tranchitella
<!> kobold.it, Turin, Italy  - Free is better!
 <http://www.kobold.it>, <kobold@kobold.it>, <kobold@jabber.linux.it>
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