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Re: Init Script for Arbitrary Number of Daemons

Quoting ms419@freezone.co.uk <ms419@freezone.co.uk> (2004-05-11 21:03:13 BST):
> The "skeleton" "init.d" file is a great default for starting _one_ 
> daemon, complete with the "$DAEMON_OPTS" variable. It's not clear, 
> however, what this newbie package developer should do to start an 
> arbitrary number of daemons, each with - potentially - different 
> It's nice to be able to throw "$DAEMON_OPTS" into 
> "/etc/default/package" and get get a bit more control over the daemon; 
> but I can't think how to nicely specify an arbitrary number of 
> "$DAEMON_OPTS" variables in a "/etc/default/package" script fragment.
> I'm still searching for a solution... Input much appreciated!

Take a look at the init script for package cfengine2. It lets you
boot up to three daemons and should easily be extensible to putting
some daemon options in there too. As a bonus, you can see how I get
Debconf to ask the user which daemons should run.

Andrew Stribblehill <ads@debian.org>
Systems programmer, IT Service, University of Durham, England

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