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use locale for python package test


 I maintain a package, which needs en_US locale for testing the build. I
did it as writing en_US to /etc/locale.gen and generate the locales
again, if it's not yet done. Then set LC_ALL to en_US, and do the test.
So far, so good, it works. But now I got a FTBFS as a simple user it can
not be built (no permission for /etc/locale.gen). The reporter says there's
localedef -i en_US -f ISO-8859-1 $(CURDIR)/debian/locale/en_US
but how can I use the generated locale like it would be the system's
locale? I have tried setting LC_PATH to various directories (like
$(CURDIR)/debian/locale/ ) without success. Also I could not found any
information on this topic. Anyone knows similar needs in any Debian

Thanks in advance,

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