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Re: Question on License

On 2004-04-23 04:42:09 +0100 Matthew Palmer <mpalmer@debian.org> wrote:

> Overall, looks to me like another cut-n-paste licence which wasn't 
> even
> proofread by the author, let alone anyone with legal qualifications.  
> But I
> can't see anything that makes it non-free.  We can comply with all 
> the terms
> of the licence from what I can see.

I agree and I'm fairly sure a licence very like this (probably even 
P.L.Daniels) has been discussed on -legal before. Please use the list 
archives and only question if it's unclear.

By the way, Pantomime is under a ?GPL if a GNUstep library for MIME is 
useful to you. I think it's already packaged.

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