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Finding a sponsor for gaim-qq

Hello -

I have added support for the QQ protocol to Gaim, and packaged gaim-qq from upstream sources at http://openq.linuxsir.org .

Tencent's QQ client and protocol is the most popular instant messenger in China with about 30 million users. (see http://www.tencent.com) The documentation for OpenQ is currently in Chinese only, but has developers from around the world.

The QQ plugin for gaim is completely 100% GPL. and the package I have built goes by a different name than the existing Gaim (without QQ support). I currently have the hardware to maintain this package only for x86, but in the future will be able to provide HPPA and Alpha packages.

I am in need of a sponsor/advocate so that my source and binary packages can be uploaded into Debian.

Ma Ke


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