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Re: Grab bag of questions

Matthew Palmer wrote:

What are .acs files when they're at home?  General data goes in either
/usr/share or /usr/lib, depending on the architecture-specificity.

They're uncompiled script files. It the case of the .acs files in the acc package, they're basically a string of #defines not unlike C. They're meant to be included in custom .acs files to make it easier to specify certain behaviors by name rather than number. /usr/share/acc perhaps?

There's a few e-mail addresses scattered around mentors.debian.net.

If they're not gone by morning I'll fire off an e-mail, I left a message to ChrisH in #debian-mentors already.

Weird.  You'd think that with all of the money that companies have to throw
around, they'd be able to employ a lawyer capable of telling them how to
properly licence their code...

- Matt

It's definitely something that was tacked on with zero thought. Reading the EULA it sounds like you just bought a program from them, not downloaded a piece of modifiable source code... headache.

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