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RFS: mpd - Music Player Daemon, and clients (retry)

Hello again,

All my Debian packages related to the Music Player Daemon project are
still up for sponsorship.  Thanks to all who have given me feedback from
the last time I requested sponsorship.

Summary of changes since my last RFS:

* mpd: improved maintainer scripts for init and configuration handling 
* phpmp: use debconf for configuration, added file for apache config 
* gmpc: upgraded to the latest upstream version: 0.10.2
* ncmpc: the ncurses client was released and I've packaged it
* All packages have been rebuilt to remove the {arch} and .arch-ids dirs 
from the diff.gz files.

mpd is the Music Player Daemon, and mpc, ncmpc, wmmp, gmpc, and phpmp
are all clients that can be used to connect to mpd to control audio

mpd supports using faad2 for playback, but it is not enabled in the Debian
package as faad2 is not in Debian (patent issues, I'm assuming).

The clients need not be on the same computer that mpd is running and
vice-versa, so there are no Depends or Recommends relationships between
mpd and its clients, only weaker Suggests and Enhances relationships.
phpmp is the exception to this, and Recommends mpd since it is usually
run from the same server (requiring apache | httpd and php4) as mpd.

I'm also proposing that a new virtual package be created: mpd-client.
Packages mpc, ncmpc, wmmp, gmpc, phpmp all Provide mpd-client as a way
of accessing and controlling mpd, the daemon.

The project homepage is at: http://www.MusicPD.org

We have an active IRC channel and community in #mpd on FreeNode and on
our web forums.  Our user and developer community is rapidly growing,
and new users are showing up every day on IRC.

Licenses for all packages are GPLv2 or later

Clients in development include: kmp, phpmp2, among others. I'll RFS
those as soon as upstream deems them ready for release.

All packages are lintian and linda clean.

I'm using CDBS + debhelper to manage the build systems of the packages
for their simplicity and power.  I quite like the way the way they work,
but unfortunately they're not good for showing off my knowledge of the
Debian packaging system.

Packages are available at:



	deb http://des.petta-tech.bogomips.org/~eric/MusicPD/releases ./
	deb-src http://des.petta-tech.bogomips.org/~eric/MusicPD/releases ./

Package descriptions as follows:

Package: mpd
Description: Music Player Daemon (MPD)
 MPD is a server that allows remote access for playing audio files (MP3, Ogg
 Vorbis, FLAC, and Wave) and managing playlists. The design focus is on
 integrating a computer into a stereo system that provides control for music
 playback over a local network.  The goals are to be easy to install and use,
 to have minimal resource requirements (it has been reported to run fine on a
 Pentium 75), and to be stable and flexible.
 Currently supported clients include:
  - mpc: a command-line client ideal for scripting
  - gmpc: a GNOME/GTK2.2 graphical front-end
  - wmmp: a Window Maker dock app (WMmp)
  - phpmp: a PHP web interface (phpMp)
  - ncmpc: an ncurses-based interface
 URL: http://www.MusicPD.org

Package: gmpc
Description: Gnome Music Player Client (graphical interface to MPD)
 A GNOME/GTK2.2 client for Music Player Daemon, it began life as traymp,
 a simple tray notification client and has grown into much more.
 Current features include:
  * Support for loading/saving playlists
  * File Browser
  * Browser based on ID3 information
  * Search
  * Current playlist viewer with search
  * ID3 Information
 URL: http://www.MusicPD.org/?page=gmpc

Package: ncmpc
Description: An ncurses client for Music Player Daemon (MPD)
 ncmpc provides the usual music player controls for controlling
 an MPD process running either locally or remotely.  It can edit the
 playlist, control playback, control volume like all the GUI clients,
 but avoids the bloat and dependencies of traditional GUI clients while
 retaining ease of use and performance.
 This was originally known as mpc-ncurses.
 URL: http://hem.bredband.net/kaw/ncmpc

Package: mpc
Description: A command-line tool to interface MPD
 Music Player Command is a command line tool to interface MPD, Music Player
 Daemon.  It is fast and lightweight like MPD, making it ideal for scripting
 commands and binding to hotkeys.  Completion for the BASH shell is provided.
 URL: http://www.MusicPD.org/?page=mpc

Package: phpmp
Description: a web interface for Music Player Daemon (MPD)
 phpMp allows users to connect and control Music Player Daemon, mpd on a local
 or remote machine from a web browser.  For example, it can be used to control
 a sitewide stereo system from multiple locations.  phpMp is configured by
 default to connect to a mpd process running on the same computer the web server
 runs on, but it can be easily configured to connect to mpd running on other
 phpMp is the original implementation by the MPD author, Warren Dukes.  phpMp2
 by David H. Bronke is in beta but also available via Subversion
 URL: http://www.MusicPD.org/?page=phpMp

Package: wmmp
Description: A dock app client for Music Player Daemon (MPD)
 WMmp is a X window manager dock app for controlling Music Player Daemon (MPD).
 It is based on a WMxmms and has a similar LCD-style interface for controlling
 URL: http://www.MusicPD.org/?page=WMmp

//end of descriptions

All comments and feedback are greatly welcomed.

Eric Wong                normalperson@yhbt.net
Petta Technology, Inc      eric@petta-tech.com

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