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kudos to my sponsor and questions to Bugs and QA teams


Just a short message to publicly acknowledge my gratitude to Kenshi Muto for
sponsoring my package of CUPS-PDF, which has finally trickled down to Testing.

Also, many thanks to everyone involved in writing the management scripts on Bugs
and QA; they really help in keeping tracks of my package's life. However, I have
noticed that the following scripts are not UTF-8 enabled, which garbles my name 
into some odd gibberish:


* I was wondering if there is a schedule for upgrading those into UTF-8 default?
* Perhaps all Debian servers' HTTP servers should default to sending HTML and
  other Text content in UTF-8 too, in their Apache configuration files?

Likewise, http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=q-funk@pp.fishpool.fi says
that my GPG key cannot be found anywhere.  While I indeed am not yet a DD, my
key definitely exists on a public server, as confirmed by Kenshi.  What gives?

Anyhow, I'm pretty pleased with my participation in Debian so far. I just
thought I'd thank these people and notify the community of the above buglets.

Best Regards,
Martin-Éric Racine, ICT Consultant

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