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request help with auto(conf|make) and libtool

Dear Mentors,

 I would like to ask help for my package, xmms-blursk, which exists in
the pool, and a great visualisation plugin for XMMS. I have two
questions, the first is about bug #243161, FTBFS on ia64. I think I have
fixed it, by removing config.sub in the clean target, and let libtool
recreate it with a fresh version (actually it's a symlink to
/usr/share/libtool/config.sub now). If someone has access to arch ia64,
s390 or hppa, can confirm for me that it can be built now? Reading after
this topic, and checking config.sub I am pretty sure it is buildable by
now, I just would like to be 101% sure about it before uploading -2.
Second, I have a question about bug #243632, which points out that on
mips and mipsel the package built with a broken libtool version. I can
confirm that the dynamic lib is not produced, and 'file_magic ELF
[0-9][0-9]*-bit [LM]SB (shared object|dynamic lib )' is used instead
'pass_all' for lt_cv_deplibs_check_method. But I can't dealt with the
solutions given in the bugreport. First it says:
"The version of libtool used to build this source package is too old to
correctly support shared libraries for the Debian mips and mipsel
architectures.  Debian versions 1.5-2 and 1.4.2-7 and higher correctly
support them."
But from the buildd log on mips[1] and mipsel[2]:
"Setting up libtool (1.5.4-1)"
So the libtool version already greater than the 1.5-2 mentioned above.
Next it's ask for:
"libtoolize --force --copy
 automake -a
which said to be a synonym of "autoreconf --force", and already in my
debian/rules file, expect the first line the libtoolize one. But even if
I call libtoolize, I can not see the change in the configure script that
would make it built on mips(el). What do I overlook, or the config.sub
change I already made may solve this as well?
Anyone knows about free access to mips(el) machines, like Sourceforge
does, and I can try it out myself?

Thanks your help in advance,

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