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Re: Re: RFS: bloat

> Lol. It looks like BLOATed and less-featured version of my unp script
> (and ucat, package "unp").

I wouldn't say "less-featured". It does support fewer archive formats,
yes, because I've never heard of some of the ones in unp, and others
I've decided at one point don't belong. But from a quick glance at the
source, it doesn't look like unp supports subdirectory detection (a
feature I find myself using all the time), automatic utility downloading
(yeah, I know, this is a Debian list), the option to either show all
utility output or none of it, and there are some formats supported by
bloat which aren't supported/detected by unp (Unreal mods, for example).

If I'd seen unp before I started writing bloat, I'd have used it, but I
didn't so I wrote bloat :-P.

--Dave Wickham

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