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Re: Upgrade continue to reinstall the some version.

> Gianluca Ciarcelluti wrote:
>> I tried to install my package with apt-get install mypackage; when I
>> run apt-get update && apt-get upgrade it download and install it
>> againg instead of display the "Already installed package" message.
> As Matt Zimmerman suggested, it sounds like your Packages file does not
> match your .deb file.  Have you tried updating the Packages file with
> apt-ftparchive?

ohhhh!!! Finally, this is what I miss! I edited the Packages file by hand
and miss the MD5size(I think...)

After use apt-ftparchive all work fine.:)))

Thanks so much, mate.

> Can we have access to your apt repository for testing?
>> and the Packages file:
>> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Filename: project/alga/alga_0.9-3_all.deb
>> Size: 378572
> Is that size correct?
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