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RFS: ripmime - extracts attachments from mails


I'm searching for a sponsor for my ripmime package:

Package name    : ripmime
Version         :
Upstream Author : Paul L Daniels <pldaniels@pldaniels.com>
URL             : http://www.pldaniels.com/ripmime
License         : 3-clause BSD
Description     : extracts attachments from mails

ripMIME is a command line tool used to aid in the extraction of email
borne attachments to files. ripMIME supports both the RFC MIME
standards as well as being able to behave according to various MUA
'features' which are often used as exploitation holes.


Package is available from:

It's both lintian and linda clean and builds in pbuilder.

Things where I was unsure about:

1) License is 3-clause BSD but with s/University/PLD/d. Is it in this case
right to copy the whole license to debian/copyright instead of what dh_make
offers when using it with -c bsd (Short version with link to

2) ripmime should be able to extract tnef-attachments. It depends on the endianness. I have hacked in endianness-detection by including <endian.h>. (And included #warnings to see in the build logs which endianness was used) However I can't test it because I don't have any tnef-attachments available. Is it acceptable that ripMIME is uploaded without having this feature tested?

I really appreciate any sort of comments.


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