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Re: free game boy

* rasheed badmus translated into ASCII [Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 10:36:41PM -0700][<[🔎] 20040408053641.40708.qmail@web60202.mail.yahoo.com>]
> Hello:
> I'd like to request for someone to sponsor the following unofficial
> packages I have: snes9express (1.39-beta) - a GUI frontend for SNES9x
> (as far as I know this is still an orphaned package); and visualboy
> advance (a gameboy/gameboy color/gameboy advance emulator for Linux).
> The said packages can be obtained in this apt source location: anything that u
> want to send,send it by this below.
> P.O box 1103 agodi
> Ibadan,
> Oyo state,
> Nigeria.

Wow, was this spam or not?

visualboyadvance is currenly in sid and it is the latest version. (1.7.1)


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