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Re: package adding users

On 2004-04-07 Erik Bourget <erik@midmaine.com> wrote:
> Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org> writes:
[adding users]
> > adduser is the correct tool.  See policy 9.2.2.

> > I do not think that useradd follows, e.g., the uid allocation guidelines in
> > that section, and adduser's semantics are more convenient for maintainer
> > scripts as well.

> Am I crazy, or is the --system option not available in woody for deluser?

No, yes. It was only added in the newest latest upload of adduser
which is currently _only_ available in sid.

> What's a 'nice way' to delete a system user if it exists (i.e. in postrm),
> deluser username || true (so the failure doesn't scuttle the postrm script)?

I am using
deluser  --quiet Debian-exim > /dev/null || true
           cu andreas
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